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Deli & Sandwich Shop in Lancaster, PA

Stop by Strasburg Market Place's deli and salad section and you'll be treated to an extensive selection of fresh lunch meats and cheeses and freshly prepared salads. As is the case with everything that's available at our market, our deli and salad options are always fresh and carefully selected or prepared.

Meats galore

Only the Best Deli Food for Your Family

We get much of our extensive selection of deli meats locally from John F. Martin, as well as other well-known meat suppliers . We take great pride in offering the absolute best delicatessen food we can. If you're looking for excellent sandwich meats, you'll absolutely want to consider our popular turkey breast or honey cured ham.

You'll be pleasantly pleased to know that we always have chipped and sliced lunch meats available daily – and ready for you to choose from! Our top-quality deli meat and cheese options also include:

  • Hickory smoked ham and low-sodium ham
  • Smoked turkey breast
  • Pastrami, roast beef, Kunzler sweet bologna, and other deli meats
  • Clearfield American cheese, Baby, Lacy Swiss, and similar cheese varieties

Salad Bar with Fresh Selections

Eating fresh salads is a super-convenient way to get the nutrients you need in a way that's delicious and personally satisfying. An even easier way to get appraising salads is to try our in-house salads. All you'll have to do is enjoy them at your convenience! We also have some freshly prepared salad selections brought in from a local Amish family. Other salad options include macaroni and potato salad and our own pickled eggs and beets and broccoli salads.

Call us at (717) 288-3903 to learn more about our delicatessen food and salad selections, or stop by Strasburg Market Place and see for yourself what we have to offer.

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